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The dates on this page are "best guess" and subject to change; Changes will be announced in class.  Lecture slides and homework assignment will be available here.   Chapters for reading are from the Gonzalez and Woods book.

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Final Exam Time: TBA

Week Readings Assignment Lecture Topic
1st Ch 1   Introduction
2rd Ch 2   Image formation, Writing imaging processing software
3th Ch 5.11 Assignment 1 Pixel operations, geometric transformation  part I
4th  Ch 4.2.1   Intro to Signal Processing
5th Ch 3.1-3.3 Assignment 2 Geometric transformations II, Image histogram
6th Ch 3.5-3.8   Image filtering in the spatial domain
7th Ch 4   Image filtering in the frequency domain, FFT
8th Ch 8 Assignment 3 Image compression, Lossy Compression
8th   Midterm Review
9th Ch 10.1-10.3   Edge detection
10th Ch 10.4 Assignment 4 Segmentation and thresholdinng
11th Ch 9   Image Morphology
12th Ch 11 Assignment 5 Image representation, Image Recognition, SIFT, Introduction to RANSAC (from Philip Torr)
13th Ch 12   Hough Transform
14th     Video Processing
15th     Review , Homework 5 presentation