Web Copy User Manual

 Ruigang Yang
Department of Computer Science
Columbia Univeristy

Table of Content

  1. Overview
  2. How to use WCP
  3. Known bugs
  4. Support
  5. Credits

1. Overview:

Web Copy(WCP) is a Java application, it starts from a single URL pointing to a compound document (i.e. a set of html files which conceptually form a complete document), and copies the compound document to a local disk until certain criteria has been met, (recursive depth, keyword match etc.)

It features:

2. How to use WCP

2.1 How to install WCP

In order to use WCP you need to have Java installed in your system. Follow these instructions to install WCP.

  1. Create a directory where you want to store the binaries of WCP
  2. Unzip WCP.zip into that directory, it will create 2 subdirectory, wcp and netcom
  3. Make sure java is in your path.
  4. Make sure CLASSPATH variable exists, and contains current directory '.' as well and the netcom directory. This variable at least should contain these values (CLASSPATH=.../java/lib/classes.zip;.)

2.2 How to run WCP

WCP can run as a standalone application, at the prompt, type
java MainFrame.

2.3 Using Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Using the package in interactive mode is quite straight forward.  A quick start is to fill the URL you want to fetch, and the destination directory, then click Go to start the download process

Here is a brief description of program menu and buttons .

File menu contains following items:   
Exit Exit the program

Edit Menu:
Cut clear the selected text, and copy to the clip broad

copy the selected text to the clip broad


copy text from the clipboard

Help Menu:
Help start Netscape to display this help page
About show some information about the software

Main Screen


Manual Check Window


The above window will pop up if the "manual check " box is checked in the main window.
It contains a TreeView components which lists the structure of the anchors in the page. The leading tiny icon indicates the attribute of the link, (HTML , images, etc). User can double click any link to download it. After downloading, the icon associated with that page will be highlighted. Check the Sync Display to display the clicked page in a web browser. (works best under Unix Version of Netscape 3.0 and above)

Important: Once you finished selecting the desired page, click Done to save them. If you click Cancel, NO page will be saved to the local disk

3. Limitations and known bugs

  1. Icons in the Manual Check window some time will disappear, click on the link will bring it back.
  2. Double click on the check box will distort the enable/disable state of the text field below it.
  3. Sync Display in the Manual Check window will function only under Unix platform. (Netscape for Win95 or NT doesn’t support remote call directly)
  4. Only links in the same website as the starting URL will be saved, any links to the out side links will be considered as an external link and will not be saved under any circumstance.
  5. Java Class will not be downloaded.

4. Support

Are you kidding? But any way, you can always send me bug report to ryang@cs.columbia.edu. I will try to fix and make future improvement.

5. Credits

WCP uses ORO, Inc. 's Java package NetComponents to implement Email and FTP distribution of copied documents. UUencoder class used for email transfer is developed by
Matthew Phillip Hixson.