Henrik Stewénius

From April 2005 to April 2007 I worked at the Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments of University of Kentucky. First as a postdoc and from December 2007 as an assistant research professor.

My research interests are

  • Image Recognition, that is, given a query image we want to find the closest image in a very large database. We currently have two systems, one with very low query-times and geometric verifivation on 50000 images and one for larger databases. Currently our largest database is 110 million images. The larger system is running from disk while still maintaining a decent query-time (sub 6s, on average).

  • Solving Minimal Problems for structure and motion. This was the main topic of my thesis. Minimal solvers are useful for building structure from motion systems. They also provide an excellent excuse for a computer vision researcher to use elegant mathematics.

  • 3D reconstruction. Stable, reliable and fast 3D reconstruction is the big dream in computer vision.
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  • My publications page (last updated in April 2007)

  • DBLP bibliography

  • On Google Scholar, this site is oversensitive to spelling: Try Stewénius and Stewenius.

  • My page in the publication database at the Mathematical Imaging Group in Lund. (last updated in 2005).

    Code (download)

  • A calibrated fivepoints solver

  • Frederik Schaffalitzkys implementation of semicalibrated relative pose.

  • Code to solve the minimal problem of 3 microphones and 3 speakers with absolute travel times in the plane. Also contains an analysis for absulute travel times in 3D.

  • Code to solve minimal cases for generalized cameras.

  • Fivepoint method for infinitesimal motion

  • Nine point algorithm for catadioptric cameras.

    Data (download)

  • Recognition Benchmark.

  • Recognition Benchmark, semiprocessed data.


  • Using Algebraic Geometry for Solving Polynomial Problems in Computer Vision, David Nistér and Henrik Stewénius, ICCV 2005.


  • MSER


  • Urbanscape

  • Mathematical Imaging Group, Lund, Sweden.

  • My old homepage in Lund.