Calibrated Fivepoint Solver

The code implements a calibrated fivepoints relative pose solver as described in the paper:

H. Stewénius, C. Engels, and D. Nistér. Recent developments on direct relative orientation. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 60:284-294, June 2006. [ bib | code | http | .pdf ]

Please cite this paper in work that uses the software.


The software consist of a matlab script and a mex-file. First compile the mex-file and then call one of the m-files.

  • calibrated_fivepoint.m
  • calibrated_fivepoint_helper.c
  • calibrated_fivepoint_non_gb.m, same functionality as above but implements the fivepoint method without computing a GB. Can be optimized to be extremely fast. (this code is written by Chris Engels).

    Additional downloads

  • An 8-point solver
  • A 7-point solver
  • Two different calibrated sixpoint solvers

    The software is not supported but bug reports are welcome. See the copyright file for details about conditions of use. By down-loading the software, you agree to be bound by the conditions. Commercial enterprises may license the software, subject to agreement.

    More information on the authors:
    Henrik Stewénius
    Chris Engels
    David Nistér.

    PS: If this version is not fast enough for your needs please see:
    Nister, D, An Efficient Solution to the Five-Point Relative Pose, PAMI 2004.

  • Two calibrated cameras each see 5 points.